Strategy Development and Implementation

Martin Steinbild, the founder and Managing Director of SteinbildConsulting has in-depth knowledge and multi-year experience in Strategic Management/Business Development from Rockwood Lithium/Albemarle, the leading lithium producer in the world.

SteinbildConsulting support the strategic decisions based on responses to strategic questions about, how the organisation will compete, such as defining the target customers and defining what is considered "value" to the customer. Which businesses, products and services should be included or excluded from the portfolio of offerings? What differentiates the company from its competitors? Which skills and capabilities should be developed within the firm? What are the important opportunities and risks for the client? How can the firm grow, through both its base business and new business?

Based on the assessment of opportunities, especially with graphical and complexity reducing strategic management tools, the strategy must fit with the business culture, the skills and competencies of employees, and organisational structures. These important factors will influence how an organization can achieve its stated objectives. Learning from past strategies and develop future strategies ensure that the entire organisation is moving forward.

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SteinbildConsulting is well connected within the Lithium community. It can actively communicate certain topics and bring potential partners together. It is about enabling the deal.

Making companies able to compete is the purpose of strategic management. To that end, implementing strategic management plans into practice is the most important aspect of the planning itself. Plans in practice involve realigning resources – financial and human – and putting leadership resources in place to oversee the creation, sale, and deployment of products and services. Strategic management extends to internal and external communication practices as well as tracking to ensure that the company meets goals as defined in its strategic management plan.

SteinbildConsulting support the in-house teams and guides the implementation process. We bring in independent views and more objectivity, which lead to a clear focus with placing the resources right. A good example of another implementation support is to support the business development activities with potential customers to meet the product specifications and product qualifications, which is especially important in the battery and car manufacturing industry. The same applies to product related services and the availability of a stringent quality management system.


Day-to-day management can be provided



SteinbildConsulting is ready to sign contracts in which the consultant can take over executive roles in a company. The consultant can act as a manager or director on behalf of the client. It is possible to work-out and design presentations and give a speech at international conferences. In addition the consultant can take a leading part in negotiations with potential customers.

Business Development

Based on the existing network in the industry, Martin Steinbild has the opportunity to establish contacts between the client and various stakeholders. This is of fundamental importance especially for junior mining or exploration companies. SteinbildConsulting can be the key enabler of a partnership.


It is possible to accompany metallurgical and chemical testwork programs. In close collaboration with the technology company all the technical details and results will be discussed in order to develop the technology which offers the best strategic fit for the company. This can be done regarding many criteria, like life-time cost, flexibility, reliability of process steps or eg. site-related aspects.